Our city has plenty of theaters. Among them are drama theaters, a puppetry theater, musical theater and studio theatres. Each has its own story, its own style and its own audience which likes art in all its manifestations.

Some believe that theaters are the best feature of Irkutsk. Visit any of them, and, perhaps, you’ll leave with a strong impression, too.

Okhlopkov Irkutsk Academic Theater

Okhlopkov Irkutsk Academic Theater
Okhlopkov Irkutsk Academic Theater (photo source dramteatr.ru)

This is a number one theater in Irkutsk. Growing and developing since 1850, it’s the oldest one. Having four scenes — a main scene, a chamber scene, experimental scene and student performance scene, it’s the largest one.

The theater stages performances in a variety of genres, varying from comedies and drama to concert performances and novels in verse. A performance happens almost every evening. Children’s plays are staged in mornings or during daytime.


14, Karl Marx St.
Pravoberejny district, «Lenina» bus stop
8 (39-52) 55-04-61 (answering machine)
8 (39-52) 20-04-77
8 (39-52) 20-04-88 (ticket reservation)

Ticket price

100–500 rubles for adults
70–250 rubles for children

Working hours

12:00—18:30 daily

Zagurski Irkutsk Musical Theater

Zagurski Irkutsk Musical Theater
Zagurski Irkutsk Musical Theater (photo source photo-monster.ru)

This is the second most popular theater in the city, a place where all important musical events happen. One example of these events is the annual Christmas meetings with Denis Matsuev, a world-renowned Irkutsk pianist.

The repertoire of the theater consists of musical comedies and dramas, operettas, musicals and ballet performance. Performances happen in the evenings of weekdays, weekends and holidays. Children’s plays start at 11:30 each morning.


29, Sedov St.
Oktyabrsky district,
“Muzikalni Teatr” bus stop
8 (39-52) 34-21-31
8 (39-52) 20-38-73

Ticket price

150–500 rubles

Working hours


Vampilov Youth Theater

Vampilov Youth Theater
Vampilov Youth Theater (photo source Wikipedia.ru)

The history of this place began in 1928. Today, it is the oldest children’s theater in Siberia. A literary society “Elegia”, which is a part of this theater, stages amazing literary performances.

The repertoire consists mostly of plays by Russian and foreign authors. Siberian playwrights Valentin Rasputin and Alexander Vampilov hold a special place here. Morning, afternoon and evening plays happen on an almost daily basis.


23, Lenin St.
Pravoberejny district,
“Lenina” or “Philarmonia” bus stops
8 (39-52) 45-00-41
8 (39-52) 34-41-02

Ticket price

150–350 rubles

Working hours


«Aistenok» puppetry theater

Aistenok puppetry theater
«Aistenok» puppetry theater (photo source rumap.net)

This puppetry theater is the oldest in Siberia and the only one in Irkutsk. In Janauary, 2015, “Aistenok” turned 80 years old. The audience enjoys cozy seats, a good view of the scene from all angles, and, of course, they enjoy the plays.

Most of the plays in this theater are for children, usually staged in mornings or afternoons. Grown-ups come here willingly, too — after all, deep inside, all of us are children who miss good and kind stories.


32, Baikalskaya St.
Oktyabrsky district,
“Teatr Kukol” bus stop
8 (39-52) 50-59-80
(answering machine)
8 (39-52) 25-19-64 (ticket office)

Ticket price

100–250 rubles

Working hours

Closed on Mondays

Folk drama theater

Folk drama theater
Folk drama theater (photo source igtnd.ru)

«It’s a very Russian theater” would be the most accurate review. The actors value national traditions and try to convey them to the audience through the epic or drama theater genres.

The repertoire consists of ritual performances, Russian folk tales and heroic stories. Performances mostly happen in the afternoons, so don’t hesitate to bring your children with you. All plays are picturesque, colorful and emotional.


13A, Mukhina St.
Sverdlovski district,
“Mukhinoi”. “Teatr narodnoi dramy”
or “Zakharova” bus stops
8 (39-52) 46-99-68

Ticket price

100–150 rubles

Working hours

Ticket office:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Youth Chamber Theatre

Youth Chamber Theatre
Youth Chamber Theatre (photo source vk.com)

This theater is experimental, taking an alternative approach to the classical and modern drama.

The repertoire mostly consists of performances by graduates and undergraduates of the “Bravo” acting school. If you enjoy lively and energetic theater with innovative ideas, a love of bold experiments and honest acting, you’ll definitely enjoy this place. Performances are held in the evenings of weekends.


54B, Piskunov St., entrance from the yard
Oktyabrsky district, «Diagnostic Center»
and “Shestaya Sovetskaya” bus stops
8 (39-52) 72-55-97
8 (950) 085-17-90

Ticket price

200–250 rubles

The theater season begins in September and ends in June. During the summer, local theaters go away on performance tours.

During the same time, well-known Russian and international theaters come to the city, instead.

“Teatr piligrimov” studio theater

“Teatr piligrimov” studio theater
“Teatr piligrimov” studio theater (photo source tp-sokolov.ru)

This is a unique musical theater, directed by Vladimir Sokolov. The theater grew out of the “Piligrim” rock band and became well-loved and popular. “The heart of Irkutsk” is how the fans call this theater.

The repertoire consists of classical music with modern twists, rock-operas, mysteries and symphonic rock fantasies. Most of the performances are held in the evening. Check the VK page of the theater for the monthly schedule.


8A, Volkonsky lane
Pravoberejny district,
“Muzei dekabristov” and “Avtovokzal” bus stops
8 (39-52) 74-17-37
8 (904) 146-40-71 (ticket reservation)

Ticket price

150–200 rubles

Three golden rules of theater:
  1. Buy tickets in advance, especially if the performance is held in a small room with a limited number of seats.
  2. Do not be late, as you might not be let in and the tickets are not refundable.
  3. Turn off your mobile or put it in a silent mode before the performance.


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