Throughout the year, Baikal weather is remarkably volatile. Summertime bliss can turn into a windstorm at any moment.

The microclimate of Lake Baikal is similar to the seashore climate. Several factors contribute to this:

  • In summer, the waters warm up to a 300 meters depth. The heat is accumulated, just like in a battery;
  • Baikal gets many sunshine hours. For example, Olkhon Island only has 48 cloudy days a year;
  • Rivers Selenga, Barguzin and Verkhnyaya Angara warm up the coastal waters. In summer, some of the bays warm up to +22°C (71.6°F).

July and August are the best months for those who enjoy summer heat.

The sunniest places are Small Sea Strait, Peschanaya Bay on the west coast, and, of course, Olkhon Island, which is sunnier than the Black Sea resorts.

Early fall and the spring are perfect for a quiet hideaway. The weather is still good, but the majority of tourists have already gone. The time for extreme temperature changes, heavy rains and long winds comes later, in October and November. Gornaya wind is especially dangerous during those months, as its speed reaches 40-50 meters per second.

In winter, Baikal is traditionally cold, though still not as cold as Irkutsk. The snow and ice make it too beautiful for words. Travelers from around the world meet here as often as at the height of the summer tourist season.

Give yourself time to acclimate after you arrive to Irkutsk. Fatigue, a long flight, a change in climate and an altitude change can affect your overall well-being. Take a night’s rest in Irkutsk. Buy some clothes, medicine and other necessities for a trip to Baikal.

To make everything easier, we made a guide on how you should dress for a trip to Baikal.
Winds of Baikal are notoriously strong, too. Each of the winds has its own name: Barguzin, Kultuk, Sarma, Verkhovik and Gornaya. Gornaya is the strongest, and it comes most suddenly.

Summer maximum

+35 °C (95 °F)

Nighttime minimum

+3 °C … +5 °C (37.4 °F … 41 °F)

The average temperature during winter

–18 °C (–0.4 °F)

Give yourself time to acclimate after you arrive to Irkutsk. Fatigue, a long flight, a change in climate and an altitude change can affect your overall well-being. Take a night’s rest in Irkutsk. Buy some clothes, medicine and other necessities for a trip to Baikal.


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