The weather in Irkutsk and at Lake Baikal is capricious throughout the year. You’ll need several sets of clothes, depending on the season.

Какую одежду взять летом на Байкал
The summer in our region is hot during the day and chilly at night. Bring some clothes that you can layer up, such as t-shirts and warm hoodies. Don’t forget about hats and sunglasses, too, as you risk getting a sunstroke or eye problems without them.

Какую одежду взять на Байкал для походов
If your plans include taking long walks, put some comfortable open shoes in your suitcase. Paved roads are a rarity at Lake Baikal, so you better pack up a pair of trainers. Waterproof trekking shoes are perfect, as they will prove particularly useful during rainy weather. Pack up a raincoat and an umbrella, too.

Какую одежду взять зимой на Байкал
A fall or spring must-have clothes for Lake Baikal are waterproof trousers, a jacket and shoes that will keep you warm and dry even in the muddiest roads. A hat and a pair of gloves will prove useful, too. Heating gets switched off in the region from 15 of May to 15 of September, so keep this little fact in mind when you prepare for your trip. Pack up a warm set of home clothes and a pair of woolen socks, as they will keep you warm if your rooms have no extra heaters.

Какую одежду взять осенью и весной на Байкал
The winter in Irkutsk and at Lake Baikal is always cold. You’ll need a down jacket and a pair of decent fur boots with thick soles. Don’t forget to take some sweaters, woolen socks, mittens and a warm winter hat. If you plan on spending 2–3 hours outdoors at a time, make sure to bring thermal underwear with you. The heating in the rooms will be working at its full capacity, though, so bring some t-shirts, light trousers or shorts as well.

If you don’t like traveling with a full suitcase, buy some of the things at Irkutsk shopping malls or markets.


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