Contacting emergency services

Emergency services in Irkutsk
The first step in case of a difficult situation is determining how bad it is.

Tell the staff of your hotel or hostel if you’re late for an important meeting, or if lost your wallet, credit card or a room key. The staff will also help you get a taxi or make the phone call you need.

If you lost your documents or personal belongings, contact the nearest police department immediately. Their working hours are 24/7. Here’s the list of the departments:

  • 32, Deputatskaya St.;
  • 23A, Dekabr’skikh Sobytiy,;
  • 25A, Rzhanov St.;
  • 12, Shevtsov St.;
  • 2A, Brodsky St.;
  • 102A, Lermontov St.

Please beware that the workers of all emergency services only speak Russian. You can ask the police to contact an interpreter for you, but if you do this, be prepared to wait for some time.

In case of any emergency, call 112 from your mobile.

Each emergency service also has a separate specific number you can call:



Fire department






Gas service


If you’re using your mobile to contact a specific service, press «1» before entering the number. For example, if you’re contacting the fire department from your mobile, call 101.

Ministry of Emergency Situations Registration

We recommend every hiker, trekker or mountaineer group to register with the local department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Those who travel alone or in pairs should also think about their safety.

Just inform the department about your route at these numbers:
8 (39-52) 783-700 — Nikola village base of the Ministry of Emergency situations
8 (39-558) 54-006 — Sakhayurtinsk base
8 (39-544) 51-911 — Slyudyanka base
8 (30-131) 91-911 — Ust’-Barguzin base

If the duty officers don’t get a call from you at the appointed time, a rescue team will be sent down your route.

This is especially important if you travel in remote or wild areas, cut off from the civilization and communication. The registration process is simple and doesn’t take much time. Learn more at 8 (39-52) 39-99-99 or in the office of the main emergency department of the Irkutsk region at the Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, 15.
We recommend every hiker, trekker or mountaineer group to register with the local department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Overcoming the language barrier

Most of the workers in Russian emergency services speak Russian.

Download English-to-Russian and Russian-to-English translation app on your phone before the trip.

Write down this standard set of phrases. You might need them if the emergency occurs:

Help! – Pomogite! Spasite!
Call the police! – Pozovite politsiju!
Fire! – Pozhar!
I need a doctor! – Mne nuzhen vrach!
I lost my documents. – Ya poteryal dokumenty.
I was robbed. – Menya ograbili.


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