Whether you’re on a journey or a business trip, you should be prepared for anything. This article will tell you where you should go if you’re seeking medical help in Irkutsk.

Places to go when you need medical attention

If you’re injured, call an ambulance at 103 (mobile) or 03 (stationary). If you can still move, Irkutsk has emergency rooms at these addresses:

  • 118A, Baykal’skaya St.;
  • 2, Dzhambul St.;
  • 31, Timiryazev St.

Take your passport with you when you go to an emergency room.

In case of a toothache

If you seek treatment for a toothache, contact the doctors in a dental clinic on 36, Lenin St.The phone number of this clinic is 8 (39-52) 20-02-22.The clinic is fee-for-service.

If you’re feeling sick

If you have symptoms of a food poisoning, high temperature or sharp pain, don’t wait for it to magically get better. Call an ambulance at 103 (mobile) or 03 (stationary). If it doesn’t seem like an emergency, get a doctors’ appointment at the clinic. Municipal clinics are the cheapest version – that is, if you don’t mind waiting in a queue.

  • 1, Volzhskaya St.;
  • 33, Timiryazev St.;
  • 8, Chelnokov St.;
  • 5, Bezbokov St.

If you have some money on you, get a doctor’s appointment in a commercial clinic.
For example, you can go to Irkutsk Diagnostic Center – a modern clinic located at Baikalskaya St., 109, phone number 8 (39-52) 211-240.

Another modern commercial medical center, Molecular Diagnostics Center, has several clinics around the city. You can choose the one closest to you:

  • 36, Sverdlov St.;
  • 29/1, Rabochego Shtaba St.;
  • 267/2, Lermontov St.;
  • 13/4, Marshal Zhukov Avenue.

Call the center to reserve an appointment at 8 (39-52) 48-01-99.

In case of a tick bite

During the warm seasons, you can get a tick bite anywhere in Irkutsk region, Lake Baikal being one of the most dangerous areas. A tick can infect you with tick-borne encephalitis or Lime disease. Both diseases are dangerous and potentially fatal if left untreated. If you find a tick bite on you, seek help immediately. Contact the Center of tick-borne disease prevention and treatment on 3, Karl Marx St., phone number 8 (39-52) 24-03-51 or 8 (39-52) 33-34-45.


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