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«Billy’s Band», cheerful decadents from St. Petersburg, will tune in their audience to the sounds of «Autumn Alkojazz» on October 15th in the «Rocks» Bar & Grill. A bass, a piano, drums, a saxophone and the trademark voice of Billy Novick are all you need to have a good evening. Well, you’ll also need a ticket. You can buy one in the «Aromaty Indii» shop in «Rublev» mall on Chekhov St., 19; in the ticket offices on the ground floor of «Dom Byta» of 8, Uritsky St. and «Jam Mall» on 3, Sergeev St.; in the ticket offices of the «Trud» stadium on Lenin St., 48 and the Musical Theater on Sedov, 29; or online.

The concert will begin at 20:00, the tickets cost 2 000 rubles.

And on October 21st, Noize MC will heat up the club with his rap in «Benzin» night club on 8B, Friedrich Engels St. «Hard Reboot 3.0» will start at 19:00, and you can buy the tickets.

See a comedy and Russian National Ballet

Irkutsk Musical Theater on 29, Sedov St. shows theater plays almost daily. Check the schedule.

Irkutsk Drama Theatre on 14, Karl Marx St. has many great performances scheduled for October as well. Genres vary from traditional melodramas and comedies to historical dramas and clown shows.

On October 26th, the theater will show the «Love is not a potato — you cannot throw it out of the window» comedy starring Alexander Pankratov-Cherny and Nina Usatova. Unfortunately, the tickets for the Drama Theater performance are already sold out. There are some tickets still left for the same play for October 28th in the Vampilov Youth Theater (23, Lenin St.), though.

The performance will begin at 19:00. The tickets cost 2 200–3 200 rubles.

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A week earlier, Vampilov Youth Theater will hold National Ballet performances, directed by Elena and Sergei Radchenko. «Carmen Suite», a perfect copy of the original Alberto Alonso ballet, will be shown on the first day. The second day is given to the «Sleeping Beauty», a timeless classic by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

The performance will start at 19:00. The tickets are sold in the theater box office, costing 1 250–1 900 rubles.

Listen to Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and greet the nightfall in the Organ Hall

A charismatic Vienna Strauss Philharmonic Orchestra will perform on October 26th in the Irkutsk Musical Theater. The members of this orchestra are musicians from Europe who preserve and promote the musical culture of Vienna at the international level. The orchestra has its own style that will charm you with just one concert.

The performance will begin at 19:00. The tickets are sold online and in the theater box office, costing 1 100–3 500 rubles.

A magical night will happen on October 30th in the Organ Hall on 1, Sukhe-Bator St.. In a gothic cathedral, the solemn sound of the organ will mix up with digital beats, a show by a non-model agency «Nat» and prize drawings. On the eve of All Saints’ Day, a musician and composer Decebal Grigorutse will perform Bach, Vivaldi, Boellman, his own compositions and modern covers for medieval Gregorian chants. The tickets must be bought at the Organ Hall box office in advance.

The performance will start at 20:30. The tickets will cost 200–250 rubles.

Dive into the history of Glazkovsky necropolis, «The particles of the Absolute», watercolor paintings and fairytale worlds

An exhibition dedicated to Glazkovsky necropolis will be occurring in the museum studio of the Regional Museum on Karl Marx St., 13 throughout all of October. This is the only archaeological site in the world that has been preserved in the center of a big city. The graves of this necropolis, located near Kaiskiy mountains on the left bank of the Angara River, are 2000 years older than Egyptian pyramids. You’ll get to see how the people of the ancient past organized their lives. The exhibition shows over 300 exhibits, including knives, axes, scrapers and bone needles.

The exhibition is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00. The tickets cost 70–200 rubles.

If you enjoy photography, take a few hours to see the works by Aleksandr Anosov. His personal exhibition will be occurring up to October 18th in the Irkutsk Central Scientific Library named after Molchanov-Sibirsky on 253, Lermontov St..

Photo by Aleksandr Anosov

Black and white silver bromide photography are an echo of a past that can still be seen, caught and felt. Aleksandr Anosov is a world-class photographer who won winner of the Medal of Troyes in the culture and art division and a number of other international awards.

The library is open from 11:00 to 20:00 from Tuesday to Friday and from 9:00 to 18:00 on Saturday and Sunday. Monday is the day off. The admission is free.

If you enjoy art, visit the Moscow exhibition of the teachers and the artistic director of the Watercolor School in the Irkutsk History Museum on 16A, Frank Kamenetzky St. The exhibition will end on October 23rd.

The museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 every day except Wednesday. The tickets cost 60–100 rubles.

Exhibition «Fantastic Worlds» (photo by Alexey Ershov)

Take your children to the «Fantastic Worlds» interactive exhibition in the Revolyutsia gallery on 40, Karl Marx St. The exhibition is dedicated to the Grimm Brothers and to the 200th anniversary of the Children’s and Household Tales. Young visitors will find many things to enjoy at the exhibition. A mystery forest, «treasure chests» and other wonders can be found in the gallery from October 9th to October 23rd.

Visit the exhibition from 10:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday. Sunday is the day off. The admission is free.


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