Meet the stars and listen to energetic Siberian artists

September in Irkutsk begins with a tenth «Stars on Baikal» classical music festival. The most interesting parts will be held in the Zagurski Irkutsk Musical Theater (29, Sedov St.) and in the Irkutsk Regional Philharmonic (2, Dzerzhinsky St.).

From 1st to 13th of September you’ll see:

  • Concerts by: Bolshoi Theater soloists, a winner of the XV International Tchaikovsky Competition Lucas Debargue, a legendary jazz pianist Leonid Siskih and a «Soloists of Moscow» chamber ensemble directed by Yuri Bashmet;
  • «La Musica» play with Gerard Depardieu and Fanny Ardant;
  • And, of course, you’ll get to see Denis Matsuev performing, too. He is a prominent pianist from Irkutsk.

You can buy tickets either online or at the theater box office. Concert tickets for the Musical Theater will cost 2 000 rubles and up. Tickets to La Musica will cost 2 500–8 000 rubles. The concerts at the philharmonic will be cheaper, costing you from 600 to 1 200 rubles.

On September 4th, «Two Siberians» duo will perform at the Vampilov Youth Theater. The duo consists of a violinist Artyom Yakushenko and a guitar virtuoso Yuri Matveyev.

Their music is a synthesis of art-rock, folk, country and blues. It fascinates and makes you breathe the beat. Come, listen and see what those Siberians do on the stage, and you’ll get a dose of incredible pleasure.

The performance begins at 19:00, and the tickets cost 600–1 500 rubles. You can buy tickets either online or at the theater box office from 12:00 to 18:00.

Look at the endless expanse of water, Irkutsk scenery and 100 wonders of the world

Until September 6th, Sukachev Irkutsk Regional Art Museum (5, Lenin St.) hosts an exhibit of things you could admire for an eternity. Water is the main subject of the «Evaporation» exhibition of John Randolph Pepper, an Italian photographer, film and cinema director, screenwriter and producer.

«Evaporation» exhibition of John Pepper

Water is the main focus of those 42 black-and-white photographs. A person at the background looks like a grain of sand. However, one can only find true freedom when facing the endless expanse of water.

Come to the exhibition from 10:00 to 18:00 (from 12:00 to 20:00 on Thursdays). Tuesday is a day off. Tickets cost 50–100 rubles.

An aspiring Irkutsk photographer Aleskey Bayfa finds inspiration in his own city and the nature of the Baikal region. In September, you will get to see Aleksey’s art on his website and at his personal exhibition. The exhibition will be open until September 26th.

The exhibition can be found on 119a, Dekabrsky Sobytiy St., from 09:00 to 19:00. Sunday is a day off, and admission is free.

A day later, «100 Wonders of the World» exhibition comes to a close at «Dias» art gallery on 40, Sedov St. This exhibition hosts 100 photographs of nature. The photographs are all united by a simple yet important idea: the world is a miracle. And this miracle is open to anyone who looks around.

Photos from 100 Wonders of the World exhibition
Photos from «100 Wonders of the World» exhibition

«100 Wonders of the World» is a significant event for all photographers from around the world. You’ll get to see works by photographers from Russia, Vietnam, Germany, Africa, Indonesia, Norway, Colombia, France, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, USA, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, India and Kuwait.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 to 20:00, working from 12:00 to 20:00 on Sundays. Monday is a day off. The tickets cost 250 rubles per person, and 100 rubles per ticket for groups over 8 people.

Rediscover Shakespeare, Milne and Vampilov

The theater life of Irkutsk in September is full of events. The most prominent of those events are «Et cetera» Moscow theater tour and the Vampilov festival.

18:30 of September 10th and 11th is a time for Shakespeare at the main stage of Okhlopkov Irkutsk drama theater (14, Karl Marx St.). The first day is for Shylock, and the second is for the «Comedy of Errors«.

At 12:00 on September 12th, the theater will show a children’s musical «Aunt Melkin’s secret», based on an unknown play by Alan Milne. The director of the play is Alexei Serov from Petersburg. The choreographer is Sergei Gritsai. The composer is Vladimir Dashkevich, the man who wrote music for «The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson» and «Heart of a Dog». The lyrics are written by a children’s poet Yuri Kushak.

From September 20th to 26th, the main and chamber scenes of the drama theater will show the quiet charm of Alexander Vampilov’s plays. Theaters from the Irkutsk region, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sakhalin and Kamchatka will all share their vision of Vampilov’s works. The total of 14 plays will be performed during the X Vampilov festival. Get tickets in advance.

The tickets will cost from 300 to 1500 rubles. Theater box office is open daily from 12:00 to 18:30.

Get acquainted with modern poetry

On September 11, the summer terrace of «Brasserie «BBB» restaurant (9, Kalandarishvili St.) will bring together the participants of «StikhiYa» poetry reading. Journalists, actors, musicians and radio presenters will read their favorite poems. Join in if you want to listen to some good poetry or demonstrate your talents.

The beginning is at 19:00, tickets cost 300 rubles. Book a seat in advance by calling +7 (39-52) 50-06-39.

On September 20th, a different kind of poetry will be read at Vampilov Youth Theater. Vera Polozkova, a poet, an actress and a playwright, will read her verses on travels, countries, roads, experience and feelings. Her poems are acute, open and frank, and they’ll be read to a stylish soundtrack and an original video compilation.

The beginning is at 19:00. Tickets can be purchased online and at the theater box office, costing 1 400–3 000 rubles.

Root for tennis players at the qualifying match of the Davis Cup and walk among the living statues

From September 18th to 20th, Irkutsk will host a beautiful struggle for the right to enter the world group of the Davis Cup. Russian and Italian teams will meet at the Baikal-Arena sports complex (267I, Baykalskaya St.). While the complex prepares for the match, tennis fans are hyped — the game is going to be spectacular.

The tickets will be available online after the additional stands get installed.

Photos by Vladislav Kostin (RIA IrkutskMedia)

If you like unusual things, come to the living statue festival. The event will be hosted at the mall on 25, 3rd Iyulya St. on September 25th. Look at brightly-painted body-art models or dare to get painted yourself by an artist you like. The beginning at 16:00, and entrance is free.

Fall in love with theater and nature on the big screen

Khudozhestvenny theater on Karl Marx St., 24, continues its theatrical season. September will have exhibition movies about impressionists and Faberge, as well as Shakespeare and Steinbeck plays.

The tickets are sold at the cinema box office from 10:00 to 22:00. Exhibition movie tickets will cost 250 rubles, and tickets to the plays cost 450 rubles.

Thinking and enthusiastic people will enjoys «Man and Nature», the XIV Baikal international festival of popular science and documentary movies. The festival will show documentaries from around the world, host meet-and-greets with directors, workshops, photography exhibitions and discussions on current ecological problems and the role of cinema in improving the situation.

The festival will be held from September 24th to 29th at the House of Cinema on Mukhin St., 2a. «Salt of the Earth» by Wim Wenders will be shown right after the grand opening of the festival.

A detailed schedule will be available in the middle of September. Follow it at the festival website.


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