Staying hungry in Irkutsk is almost impossible. Grocery stores are at every corner of the city. Any of the mini-pavilions or supermarkets will provide you with ordinary food, but if you want something special, follow our advice. It will be delicious!

Central Market

The Central Market is a colorful place filled with multilingual crowd and cheerful bustle. If this kind of atmosphere is not something you enjoy, come here early in the morning. At the Central Market, 8:00–9:00 AM is the perfect time for quiet shopping for healthy dairy straight from the local cows and goats, natural sour cream and homemade cottage cheese. Fresh meat, Baikal omul and caviar, fruits, vegetables and pastry are also safe to buy from here.

To avoid overpaying, check the weight of your purchase. The control scales are between the grocery and meat departments of the market.

You can pay for your purchases in cash only. In the evening, the stores offer discounts for locally produced meat and dairy.


Working hours

22, Chekhov Street 8.00–20.00


Only two stores in Irkutsk specialize on selling delicacies.

If you enjoy cooking, come to “Shtab Pyatoy Armii” for lamb and marbled beef, tilapia and white salmon, seafood, organic grains, sauces and spices.

If you prefer ready-made delicacies, visit “Moncasa Gourmet”. You’ll find jamon and smoked bacon, rare cheeses, dried tomatoes, marinated peppers and eggplants.


Working hours

“Shtab Pyatoy Armii”
71, 5 Armii Street
+7 (39-52) 64-52-48
“Moncasa Gourmet”
1, Kievskaya Street
+7 (914) 496-43-88


Irkutsk has several major supermarket chains: Slata, SPAR, O’KEY, Cezar’, Bagira, Bereg and Udacha. These stores are just like other supermarkets in other countries. They offer both locally produced fresh food and expensive exotic food, though they don’t offer that many options for delicacies.

However, if you don’t have time to visit the Central Market of a delicatessen, local supermarkets are the most convenient choice for you. Your hotel or hostel will definitely have at least one good supermarket nearby, and you won’t even need to know any Russian. Pay for your purchases in cash or by card.

These places sell food 24/7:


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