Public transportation in Irkutsk is diverse and well-developed. Irkutsk has no subways, however, and traffic jams are as common as in other large cities. Excluding the possibility of these unfortunate delays, an average time for getting from one point to another in Irkutsk is 10-20 minutes. To make your trips faster and easier, we prepared a cheat sheet for each kind of transportation for you. Read this article and choose the travel option that suits you best.

Using the bus

To be completely honest, the buses on some of the routes are not that comfortable. Their interior is dirty and smelly, and those buses are long overdue for retirement. However, the new buses are fast and roomy.

In any case, follow these simple rules. Don’t leave your mobiles or documents in your pockets, prepare to exit the bus in advance and, if you’re standing, grip the handrails tight.

Popular routes


№ 80

Piskunova — Airport
Easy to get to: hotels, malls, cafes and restaurants in the city center


№ 90

Airport — Angara resort — Akademgorodok — HPP plant — Airport
Easy to get to: to the city center from the airport


№ 16

Railway station — Solnechny district
Easy to get to: to the city center and Raketa pier from the railway station



Trams are the oldest kind of public transportation in Irkutsk among those working today. Every day, 7 routes work the lines.

The trams always announce which stop is coming next, easing up your navigation process. During the winter, the trams are somewhat warmer than buses or minibuses.

Popular routes


№ 1

Volzhskaya — Studgorodok
Easy to get to: railway station, Decembrists museum, Europa house and city center landmarks.


№ 2

Railway station — Tram Park
Easy to get to: central market, hotels, main landmarks and cafes in the city center.


№ 4а

Railway station — Bratskaya Street in the Rabocheye district
Easy to get to: car station, Decembrist museums and Irkutsk datsan



Taking a trolley is much more comfortable than riding a bus:

  • The interior is always clean
  • The windows are larger and you can see more
  • Each stop is loudly announced
  • The steps are lower, so getting inside is easier. Bus steps are steep and might get slippery in winter

Some of the trolleys also provide free Wi-Fi.

Popular routes


№ 3

Marata Avenue — Kirov Square (Sverdlov Street) — Solnechny district (Lodochnaya Street)
Easy to get to: main landmarks and malls of Irkutsk


№ 4

Airport — Kirov Square
Easy to get to: from the airport to your hotel and main landmarks of the city center



The so-called minibuses are small and fast vans that transport 14 passengers at a time at their maximum capacity. The distinctive feature of public transportation minibuses is a plate with a route number on a windshield.

If you value speed, get on a minibus. They’re fast even in tight traffic spots. Tell the driver the stop where you want to get out loudly, clearly and in advance. If you’re not sure when your stop is, ask the driver or another passenger for help.

Popular routes


№ 20

Airport — Railway station
Easy to get to: from the airport to the city center and the railway station


№ 64

Universitetsky district — Bratskaya street
Easy to get to: car station and Irkutsk datsan


№ 99

Airport — Airport
Easy to get to: the majority of landmarks, such as Sukatchev estate, Puppet Theatre, Art Museum, Musical Theater



Taxi is the most comfortable and also the most expensive means of transportation in Irkutsk. The lowest price is 120 rubles for no more than 6 kilometers. The cost of the rest of the ride depends on the mileage. Ask the taxi service manager for the details.

For your convenience, we picked 4 of the most popular taxi services in Irkutsk, choosing both budget options and luxury options.




The app

Taxi «Maxim» 500-600
120 rubles   
Yellow Taxi 500-700
150 rubles
(4 km + 10 minutes)
Taxi «Belka» 600-500
120 rubles

Taxi with luxury options

VIPTaxi38 606-919
from 800 rubles/hour

About other specificity of public transport in Irkutsk read here.


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